Transformation is a high-stakes proposition –
do you have the experienced leaders to deliver it?

Being a leader in transformation is a lonely job – a job that many leaders have yet to experience. Allow Reach to support your leadership team by providing the assistance and insight of our transformation advisory team.

Our experts will work alongside your organization throughout its journey of change, and can help with: Modernizing digital technology, digital transformation, eCommerce strategy and strategic visioning.

We are a results-focused team, committed to delivering an ROI and sustained, measurable post-transformation results.

Technology Leadership

Most transformations require process and technology change —
is your IT team ready to deliver?

Don’t let innovation in tech be your transformative Achilles heel. The Reach Partners team has many years of experience in delivering major technology initiatives, quickly and efficiently. We stand ready to work with your key leaders to understand and plan the next steps for your upcoming project. Whether you’re preparing to operationalize a Digital Transformation, modernize Vendor Management practices, update your Technology Stack, or increase efficiency in your PMO, Reach is prepared to deliver actionable, measurable results, ensuring the delivery of your required technology capabilities.

Our professionals have expertise in helping companies become more operationally agile, and have access to SCRUM Master-certified resources, so they are equipped to execute with excellence. Whether you are leveraging your existing IT team, or bringing in Reach technology partners, you can be sure technology initiatives won’t derail your transformation.

Risk Management

Issues will come up –
will your team anticipate and manage them effectively?

Our team of professionals can provide program risk assessments and oversight, to ensure issues are identified and resolved quickly. With over 100 years of experience between our key Reach leaders, we know how to spot a problem before it arises. We offer risk management assistance with Vendor Management initiatives, host Discovery Audit sessions before program initiation, perform Project Audits, Security Assessments, and Transformational Readiness Assessments.

Bad news doesn’t get better with time, so our Reach Partners team will ensure that complications will be managed swiftly and effectively.

Change Leadership

Driving change can be complicated –
how will you get people to do things differently?

Changing the work itself is the easy part. Encouraging people to operate in the new way is the key to success. The Reach Partners team knows how to support people through change – with effective Change Management initiatives and comprehensive communications strategies.

We support client transformation initiatives by creating change plans for all key stakeholder groups, developing training plans to foster adoption of new tools and processes, and engaging teams to ensure the needed people changes take hold.